ava binta giallo

parapiri - die drift

16mm-film / musicvideo / 4:54 min / color / sound / 2019–20 / vimeo.com/510657335


music: conny frischauf

video: binta giallo

drawings: anna weisser

label: bureau b

shooted 2020 with a bolex h16 on kodak vision2 50d

the orange tape

16mm-film / 8 min / farbe / klang / 2019–20

the orange tape is an eight-minute 16 mm film, which was shot in autumn 2019 in Venice. After living one year in the city, the film expresses the desire for that indescribable spatial quality and is a tribute to orange light, a gesture to the vibe of the city – a cinematic poem. The camera was operated manually, following an instinctive and playful approach. The film was shooted with bolex h16 on Kodak vision2 50D. The sound was made by conny frischauf.

the camera seems to dance, as if in search for something, trying to capture images to write a poem with them


fig.1. 7.735611, 16.342417
fig.2. 51.974317, 7.600961

with michel struempf

The installation "12/13" consists of two 16mm-film-loops , both showing a two second scene of the moon. From two different locations (location 1./ fig 1. 7.735611, 16.342417; location 2./ fig 2. 51.974317, 7.600961) the moon was filmed on 26.08.2018 at 22:11 o'clock, which was agreed to be the meeting point. The moon becomes the connecting object.
In the specific context of the exhibition, two 16mm film projectors are placed in the room. they are directly connected by the orientation of the lens (viewing axis of the projector) - they look at each other. However, the gazing is spatially interrupted by an architectural element on which projections are made from both sides.

„ hast du daran gedacht die blumen zu gießen “

„ wieso , regnet doch draußen “

16mm film loop / 18 fps / b/w / 1 meter / 2019 / with michel struempf / https://vimeo.com/472643079

The installation is a darkened room in which a tree is centrally placed. A one-metre-long 16mm film loop is projected onto it. The film shows a dark grey image, because the material was exposed by daylight continuously over a period of one day. The overexposed material shows the images of its surroundings over a period of 24 hours - "the simultaneity of day and night" - the projection of the time span of the entire day becomes visible in a moment. Two narratives spoken by a male voice are audible through the two loudspeakers . The texts run polyrhythmically , whereby the two voices overlap and the texts are constantly restructured. The film installation works with the idea of "free" montage and is thus a walk-through speech space in which image excerpts and the sound levels are "assembled" by those present by moving around in the space itself.

[ in collaboration with benedikt steiner ; text spoken by benedikt steiner ]

parlare senza parole

super8 film / 24 fps / b/w / silent / 3:29 min / 2019


16mm film / 18 fps / b/w / silent / 15 min / 2017


16mm film / 18 fps / b/w / sound / 15 min / 2018 / vimeo.com/464211784

Sound: Michel Strümpf

Location of shooting: Austria

i dealt with the unkown as with something familiar

i dealt with the familiar as with something unknown

16mm film / 18fps / color / opticsound / 3min / 2017 / with michel struempf

the 16mm colour negative film material, which was believed to be already exposed, was subjected to solarisation (exposed during development) during the self-executed development process. the subsequent viewing revealed that only parts of the film were exposed during shooting and thus the actual exposure took place during solarisation in the darkroom. this unforeseen result with the material believed to be familiar gave rise to the title - "i dealt with the unknown as with something familiar - i dealt with the familiar as with something unknown".

eine methode der performativen dokumentation

16mm filmstills / photo series / b/w / 2017 / with michel struempf

The starting point of the performative documentation is the listed water tower of the "Nordbahnhof" in Vienna. The water tower is the only remaining historical building on the site, which is currently being renovated. Two performers each hold a film camera in their hands and move back to back along the four walls. In this way, one person walks forwards and the other backwards - with 18 steps on each side. By means of the single-frame function, a recording is made on the film strip of the analogue camera for each step made. This method of performative documentation fixes the field of vision to the section of the camera, but at the same time expands it, as the film is shot simultaneously forwards and backwards. The changing space is documented, but the remaining water tower is never fully revealed, as it is only partially depicted on the film strip. The work is done with 16mm film material, which in this case is not used for projection as usual, but as a "photo series".

k. 48.229720, 16.392244


12:30 - 13:30 h

2 x 72 steps

16mm film / 18 fps / s/w / live sound-performance / 8 min / 2018 / with michel struempf
image and sound of light and darkness
image and sound to light and darkness